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Fingers Over Forks

Fried chicken isn’t meant to be eaten with utensils. Which is why KFC is finally standing up to the silverware industrial complex and reminding everyone that they have the right to bare hands.


This project was made as spec work.

chicken fist.png
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1. Clean Hands

While our campaign against silverware might get a little messy, we want to prevent it from getting too messy– at least when it comes to cleaning your hands after you eat. That’s why we’ll install hand-wipe kiosks throughout many major cities, available free to anyone looking to wash their hands of utensils once and for all.  

wipes in context,png.png
kfc hand wipes.png
KFC bus shelter.png

2. Smear Campaign

In order to sway public opinion even more in the fight to abolish utensils, KFC will go on the offensive by having a literal smear campaign—KFC ingredients (gravy, mashed potatoes, ketchup, etc.) will appear to be seemingly smeared across mock “Big Utensil” ads.

KFC smear bench.png

3. Abolish Utensils Protest

As a tongue-in-cheek viral stunt, activists on behalf of KFC will stage a protest in front of the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to bring the fight to a literal "Big Spoon."

5. kfc protest.png

4. Fingers or Forks?

Single-use utensils will no longer be offered in any KFC store. Instead, employees will ask customers, "Fingers or Forks?" after they order. When people choose "fingers,” not only will they be making a greener choice, they’ll also receive a limited-edition campaign button.

shirt + pin employee.png
pin on tray.png

5. Hands-On Experience

Welcome to a world where "Fingers over Forks" isn’t a rallying cry, but a reality for all. In one totally reimagined KFC store, customers will experience what it could be like if utensils actually were abolished. Finally the future is fingers.

KFC restaurant art.png

That famous artpiece or movie poster known for featuring a utensil? Maybe it’s time you took another look. 

KFC movie posters.png
kfc-display case.png
neon sign.png

An art exhibit preserving the last utensil ever used. 

Art Direction: me

Copywriting: Tilden Lincoln

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